The Euro Working Group (EWG) meeting on Monday gave the green light for the disbursement of a 7.5-billion-euro bailout tranche to Greece provided that loose ends are tied up by Tuesday.

It is to be hoped that one of the loose ends that has to be tied up is the removal of any legal protection of any European Union official caught in acts of corruption as the country faces a gigantic privatization programme.

The European Union itself appears to putting pressure on Greek justice not to investigate the role of EU technocrats working for the country’s privatiszation agency, who have been implicated in a scandal involving the sale and leaseback of 28 state properties.

An unnamed European official even suggested Greece would not get its next bailout tranche if Greek justice officials investigated EU officials implicated in a property scandal, according to Kathimerini.

It is unacceptable for EU officials to protect corrupt technocrats they send to Greece to implement the so called austeriy programme.

Anna Boubenikova  was fired from Slovakia’s National Property Fund after she had been placed by the European Union on the Greek privatization board TAIPED where she was caught up in a corruption scandal.

Justice officials in Greece must be able to hold EU officials or their associations implicated in corruption for the sake of all of Europe’s taxpayers.

This is especially true of any official or consultant linked to TAIPED, which is set to be the vehicle of privatization for the state electricity company PPC, the water companies of Athens and Thessaloniki.

It is unacceptable if EU officials misuse their position to sell these stakes at values far below their market or real value for their financial or other advantage, and to burden the costs of these deals onto European taxpayers through “bailouts”.

It is absolutely unacceptable for the European Union to hold their protective hand over any of the technocrats caught in corruption and to undermine what remains of Greek justice.

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