The Facebook site and Twitter account of a group calling themselves the Blaue Allianz has gone offline just as the group claimed that they would give more information on voter fraud in relation to the Austrian presidential election in a live stream broadcast, and just as the deadline for contesting the election approaches.

Establishment and open borders Green Party leader Alexander van der Bellen was elected president last week amid significant evidence of voter fraud.

There is no indication so far that the group’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were shut down. 

There is also no sign of any legal order compelling them to take down their Facebook site.

A typical tactic of fake opposition is to take over a protest movement and spearhead it and then derail it at the last moment.

There are now little more than 24 hours left before the deadline to contest the election result passes.

The Facebook site in German just says the content is only available to a closed audience, strongly suggesting the notion that the group themselves have shut down or limited access to their own page.

The fact that a Twitter account and another site with a Russian web address went offline at exactly the same time suggests that Blaue Allianz has removed their web presence in a coordinated action.



It is to be assumed the information that the Blaue Allianz gathered on its Facebook site after putting out a call to the public about election fraud will now no longer flow into any legal action, and that the group will not contest the election result after all, as they claimed.

The Freedom Party leadership has also not yet committed themselves to contesting the result.  It is quite possible that the Freedom Party will announce tomorrow that it will not take legal action or that it will only go through the motions of contesting it, leaving out the most powerful facts.

The Freedom Party also did not send any observers to polling stations in spite of expressing fears of voter fraud, it has emerged, suggesting that they were not interested in winning.

If the Freedom Party and German partners, AfD, do not present a strong legal action to force a re run of the election before the deadline, it will reinforce the notion they are controlled opposition.

Who in Austria will now take the responsibility to collect the information related to voter fraud and file legal action before the deadline tomorrow midnight?




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