Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece’s New Democracy Party is set to attend the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden along with former CIA head David Petraeus and current Chairman, KKR Global Institute.

KKR owns Singular Logic, the IT company responsible for every aspect of elections in Greece.

It is not clear whether there are any effective controls and checks to prevent election fraud in Greece.

In a conflict of interest, KKR stands to profit from the policies of the Greek government by taking over large profitable portfolios of so called “non performing loans” from Alpha Bank and Eurobank.

Other well known Globalists attending the secretive Bilderberg conference are the  the former European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, former US foreign minister Henry Kissinger, IMF head Christine Lagarde, the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, the Dutch King Willem Alexander a well as  British Chancellor George Osborne.

Three German ministers will be attending the meeting at the Hotel Taschenbergpalais close to the Semperoper in Dresden. They are Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Saxony’s Minister President Stanislaw Tillich is also set to attend.

Peter Altmeier, Sigmar Gabriel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Angela Merkel were invited but will not attend.

Deutsche Bank chiefs Paul Achleitner and John Cryan, Springer media head  Mathias Döpfner and ProSieben media head Thomas Ebeling are also set to attend.

Four hundred police have been assigned to protect the hotel hosting the Globalist’s annual confab

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