Areios Pagos deputy prosecutor Efstathias Spyropoulou has resigned from the investigation of President Vasilik Thanou citing a conflict of interest.

A new prosecutor has been appointed but he is currently on sick leave.

Spyropoulou gave as her reason for resigning the fact that her son works for a business group with links to banker Andreas Vgenopoulos, the person who filed the charges against Thanou.


Surely, Spyropoulou had knowledge of that conflict of interest from the very beginning and should not have accepted the case in the first place.

Spyropoulou is also the deputy prosecutor caught red handed in perverting the course of justice in my case, which was sent to her after evidence of corruption among state prosecutors, police officials and lawyers in Larisa could no longer be buried. The perversion of justice and intimidation just continued.

I filed charges against Spyropoulou at the Areois Pagos in Athens last week.


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