Billionaire hedge fund manager and reader of this blog, George Soros, has directed his money away from financial markets into gold while giving a series of interviews designed to increase alarm at the outlook for the global economy.


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Soros has predicted that the EU could collapse if the UK votes to leave or Greece exits the eurozone and the UK will suffer financial turmoil.

We should take Soros’s warnings seriously in as far as he has the means and the motive to make just such chaos on the financial markets happen. His recent high profil trades and shift into gold could be just the beginning of overt campaign of asymmetric financial and economic warfare against the people of the UK.

Not on his own, of course, but in cooperation with the Bank of England, America’s FED, ratings agencies and other banks that have a stake in keeping the EU together at all costs, Soros can launch covert financial reprisals designed to act as a deterrence to the Dutch, French and Germans should they ever demand to leave the EU.

The result could be an even more impoverished UK ripe to vote in the leader overseeing the next round of economic collapse for the Globalists, namely “controlled opposition” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He has admitted to being advised by Greece’s former finance minister Yannis Varoufakis.

Readers of my blog should scroll back to last summer to see how Varoufakis brushed aside sound, sensible ways of exiting the Eurozone for a disastrous approach that could have eviscerated the entire economy.

Faced with the evisceration of the Greek economy, even a 86 billion euro “bailout” seemed like the better option.

Control over the mainstream media means that any orchestrated demolition of the UK economy in the event of a Brexit can be presented as a series of natural and random reactions to events or as a result of the ideological quirks of eccentric and “idealistic” politicians.

My view is that Boris Johnson has all the hallmarks of controlled opposition. His divisive, polemical style is designed to divide the UK population and also to undermine negotiations between Britian and the EU on new trade partnerships which will inevitably arise. He can indeed be compared to Alexis Tsipras in his appearance, hysterical, aggressive rhetorical style and whole approach.

The mainstream media headlines can easily be imagined in the event of a Brexit: “Johnson says the proud English will not have trade terms dictated by Europe,” “Johnson demands better deal for British business in Europe”, “Failure of Johnson to conclude crucial trade deal rattles markets”, “Sterling declines on fears of trade deal failure after Johnson walks out of talks,” “Moody’s downgrades UK debt, junk status over trade fears” etc etc

That is why it so important for the UK population to get informed about basic economics and finances and also political concepts such as “controlled opposition.”

Let us be clear about one thing. There is no economic or financial reason why the UK should not flourish and prosper out side the EU, no reason why it should not conclude trade deals with various European nations, with which it conducts 50% of its trade, no reason why it should not open new markets.

But there is a political reason. The Globalists, the bankers do not want to see the UK, Greece or Europe flourishing, prosperous, independent. They want total domination of their economies, political systems, education systems and societies.

My view is that the main strategic threat now emerging to Europe and the UK is the engineered immigration. Closing borders immediately is going to be the only way Europe and the UK will be able to survive total collapse.

German authorities have admitted they do not know how many migrants came in the last wave, but official figures point to at least 2.5 million. About half a million of the asylum applicants so far have been granted the right to bring family members. So, the number could be four or five or six million.

Should the UK ever find so many people arriving on its shores without the consent of the people or parliament or even knowledge, the UK will teeter on collapse as Germany is now teetering under collapse.

It is not just terrorism, social tension and political division which are driving Germany over the edge. The sheer number of migrants who have arrived so far will cost half as much as the Reunification of Germany did just by 2020. In short, the country is facing economic collapse.

Given the very real threat of something similar happening to the UK, a Brexit, better control of the borders, sovereignty is the best option.

Staying in the EU even without a migrant crisis condemns UK to growing impoverishment, and slavery.

However, every effort must be made to ensure that a Brexit is a success, that Soros and the other Globalists do not deliberately wreck the economy. The role of self appointed Leave camp leader Boris Johnson needs particular scrutiny.

How, after all, did this obnoxious Bullingdon club member get to place himself at the head of the Leave camp? Through the mainstream media! Through his countless interviews in newspapers and on the news! Through the establishment! The very establishment that wants the UK to remain in the EU! The very establishment that would relish the equivalent of clownlike performer of Greece’s Alexis Tsipras to be able to extract every pretext to destroy the economy and currency, impoverish the country and turn around and say, “We told you so! Leaving the EU is a bad idea.”

The Conservatives need urgently to start a discussion about who is the best leader to steer them through a Brexit, and not just accept media darlings Boris Johnson and Michael Gove by default.

The best way of defusing any covert demolition of the economy is to expose it, to explain to the public why certain economic and financial events are not natural but in planned.

It is my hope that the UK exits the UK but utmost vigilance has to exercised at this dangerous moment.

The referendum vote especially has to be controlled. Who seriously believes nowadays that votes are not being rigged? The evidence of rigged IT electoral systems is everywhere.

Read about the experiences of just one politician in New Orleans already in the mid 90s…


The UK is like a ship steering through a minefield. Most of the mines are hidden from the public (referendum fraud, rigged interbank interest rates etc). The mines have to be found and defused.

The ship’s course has to be set for the calm waters of sovereign money with strict inflation controls, a long term plan to strengthen the manufacturing and export base, improve the education system, sensible bilateral trade deals and good diplomatic relationships with European countries and the rest of the world.

By succeeding, the UK can help other European countries out of the imperial, autocratic bankster institution that is the EU. A new future for Europe could open up based on mutual trade and cooperation, freedom and the rule of law.

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