More evidence has emerged that the Orlando shooting was a false flag.

The shooter, who was employed by British G4S security company for nine years and likely had access to an arsenal of weapons and body armour just by virtue of his work, bought his weapon at a retail store a few weeks before his attack, leaving a paper trail and returning to the same store.

The store owner alerted the FBI, but they ignored the warnings.

The owner of a Florida gun store said he tried to alert the FBI to a “very suspicious” man later identified as Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen after Mateen tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition from the store.

Paul Craig Robert notes there is no evidence that there was a shooting.

Paul Craig Robert notes that TV coverage showed people allegedly wounded in the attack being carried in the direction of the club where the shootings are supposed to have occurred.

The false flags are getting more and more sloppy.

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