A film crew from state TV in Russia are coming to Larisa on Monday to interview me on the topic of biological warfare.

The fact that Russian state TV is going to interview me on a topic of major importance to Europe, the UK and USA underlines just how little media freedom is left in Western Europe.

Europe, the UK and USA are all potentially more affected by the constant false flag epidemics and associated experimental vaccine campaigns than Russia, whose leadership does not dream of giving the people risky vaccines like the swine flu vaccine.

My own position fighting for justice in Larisa after a de facto murder attempt on account of my journalism activities and a cover up involving the Ministry of Interior in Greece demonstrates to the world the terrible state of freedom of the press under the EU regime.

Today, I had to go to Larisa court again to obtain another date for October 7th for a civil defamation lawsuit. God only knows how long my criminal case will take.

The Russians have produced a film about terrorism and its economic side featuring Paul Craig Roberts, French consultants Jean-Charles Brisard and Wassim Nasr can be viewed in Russian on youtube.


I look forward to meeting my Russian friends at a time of artificial tension between the EU, NATO and Russia. If there is time, I will try to interview them for my blog and get their point of view on the Globalist aggression towards Russia.


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