What would you like to ask real life Russians about their views on the build up of NATO forces on their borders, on EU economic sanctions wrecking their standard of living, the Ukraine, conscription?

Send your questions about the issues that interest you to

If there is time tomorrow, I will ask the Russian film crew coming to Larisa  for answers to your questions.

June 22nd is the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Russia by Nazi Germany. As NATO forces build up on Russia’s frontier, we cannot take peace for granted.

Every single EU citizen, apart from Irish citizens, can be conscripted in the event of the war under a little known provision in the Lisbon Treaty. So, the “war mongering” and “saber rattling” by NATO against Russian could affect us all if a war starts (although I, as an Irish citizen who can’t be conscripted into any EU army or any munitions factory, am slightly less affected)

In spirit of promoting mutual understanding,  let’s get communication going between real life people in Europe and Russia affected by the Globalist war mongering agenda.

Please email your questions as early as possible tomorrow. Fraid can’t promise anything as it all depends on time etc



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