A cyber attack has been given the status of a conventional military attack by NATO on 14th June in a major policy change that increases the likelihood of a world war against Russia.

“A major cyber attack could trigger a collective response by NATO, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview published by Germany’s Bild newspaper on Thursday.

“A severe cyber attack may be classified as a case for the alliance. Then NATO can and must react,” the newspaper quoted Stoltenberg as saying. “How, that will depend on the severity of the attack.”

He spoke after a decision this week by NATO ministers to designate cyber as an official operational domain of warfare, along with air, sea, and land.”

The policy change comes as the USA has intensified a propaganda campaign against Russia for allegedly hacking the emails of Hilary Clinton on her private server.

Historically, Russia has been the victim of invasions, most recently when Nazi Germany invaded Russia on June 22, 1941 in Operation Barbarossa, killing millions of Russian civilians and soldiers.

Although protrayed in the media as annexing eastern Ukraine in 2014, Russia’s intervention came in response to a referendum by ethnic Russians in the Crimea asking to rejoin Russia following a US orchestrated coup in Kiev, which installed a brutal, right wing dictatorship.

The decision to make cyber attacks a cause for war would offer NATO a much needed, if flimsy, pretext to invade a country with a track record of only defensive operations.

The fact that cyber attacks are surrounded by secrecy means that identifying the perpetrators is difficult, facilitating a false flag.

The policy change was announced just after a Bilderberg meeting in Dresden attended by Stoltenberg, NATO chief, General Philip Breedlove as well, former CIA Director and manager of KKR, General David Petraeus, and Germany’s hawk defense minister Ursula von der Leyen.

The next NATO summit on July 8th and 9th coincides with one of the biggest NATO exercises ever on the border of Russia, Atlantic Resolve, which includes nuclear weapons.

The build up of NATO forces in the Baltic, Ukrainia and on the Russian border yesterday drew criticism from Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank Steinmeier.

He called for NATO to stop warmongering.

Ursula von der Leyen floated plans to recruit EU nationals to serve in the German army, which is in the process of undergoing a rapid expansion.

The double standards of the USA and NATO are underlined by the fact that the NSA is allowed to spy on everyone with impunity and a US cyber-attack made use of a computer virus known as ‘Stuxnet’ attacked Iranian nuclear power facilities.

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