Reading the coverge of Russia in the western media this morning, I confess I felt terrified going to my interview with a film crew from Moscow this morning.

I mean, Russians are so scary right? They are massed deep inside their own territory preparing to defend themselves against NATO troops conducting drills with nuclear weapons on their border. Talk about threatening!

How was I going to cope with such a warlike people? And there were four of them! Would they use their camera tripods to wreck havoc on Larisa? Were they part of a new hybrid warfare sanctioned by Vladimir Putin to subjugate Europe like those football hooligans allegedly are?

How surprised I was to find out that interview turned out to be lacking in all drama.I just sat there and the director Sasha asked me some questions…

pic 2

And then it was all over, and time for a coffee and a chat….

No broken furniture, no Go Pro footage of the ancient theatre of Larisa being demolished by rowdies, Greeks being floored by judo punches, nothing spectacular to report at all. What an anti climax!

pic 9

Sasha is on the right and camera man Leo, from Lake Baikal in Siberia, is on the left.

I had the chance to ask Sasha, the director, some of questions sent by readers about Russia. It was interesting to here the perspective of some real life Russians on events.

Will post up the interview with Sasha soon.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to meet my Russian friends again for breakfast before they go back to Moscow. I look forward to another chat.

Talking to them made me realize how ridiculous, yes, and how dangerous, all this anti Russian hysteria.

At a time when NATO troops, including German troops, are virtually on the Russian border, it’s high time to tone down the rhetoric, withdraw the NATO and German troops, lift the EU sanctions and return to normal diplomatic relations with Moscow. Seriously.


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