As a plot to block Brexit gathers pace, it might be wise to trigger Article 50 immediately to ensure that the UK does exit the European Union.


It is the activation of Article 50 alone which makes a UK exit from the EU irreverisible.

As long as that article is not activated, a UK exit from the EU can still be scuppered by a parliamentary vote or by some other manoeuvre.

Also, the German government today said no talks with the UK can take place until the Article 50 is activated.

The German finance ministry has already offered constructive talks to the UK be led by the country’s foreign ministry. Germany needs good trade relations with the UK. Germany’s car industry exports more cars to the UK than anywhere else in the world at 810,000 cars last year.


The aim of the UK surely should be to sideline the EU and its institutions and start negotiating new customs and trade deals directly with the individual EU member states like Germany as well as other new partners like Russia, China, India.

As for the gigantic tangle of bureaucratic EU rules, why not just repeal them all? Why spend months and years working out if EU standards, for example, for light bulbs should be kept when a single piece of legislation can annihilate the totalitarian bureaucracy in one clean stroke and the UK issue its own regulations as it sees fit?

The way the EU has recently been sidelined by the individual European states in the negotiations with Greece has resulted in better results for Greece ultimately.

The European Commission no longer decides whether or when the “bailout funds” are paid out to Greece. The eurogroup finance ministers have now started to take control of the process, who set the conditions, monitor the progress and make the decision.

European states have a strategic interest in reviving Greece’s economy and stopping chaos since it is draining their taxpayers of funds. The EU, by contrast, is a tool of the banks and has an interest in controlling the economic meltdown and chaos that result from the mass impoverishment due to the system of the private creation of money in the Eurozone. The EU’s role in the austerity in Greece has been a catastrophe of corruption.

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