The establishment is pushing a “buyer’s remorse” narrative in the wake up Brexit and the globalist George Soros is leading the charge.
by CHARLIE SPIERING27 Jun 20161,447


Liberal philanthropist and political financier George Soros asserted that the people of Britain have a genuine sense of regret and shock in the wake of the Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

(But not as genuine as his regret after losing millions, if not billions, by making a wrong bet on a Remain vote, eh, George? I imagine a glance at his bank account is creating a genuine sense of regret and shock in Soros rather more than in the Brits)

“It was a general what you call buyer’s remorse,” he said. “It included everyone — the people who voted for leave, those who voted for remain, and those who didn’t vote.”

(From Project Fear to Project Sneer? According to Soros, the Brits are child like creatures, simply incapable of knowing what they were doing in voting Leave. Unlike him, the Master of the Universe, who has just lost possibly billions in wagering against a Leave vote, testimony to his superior knowledge)

He argued that many who voted to leave the EU wanted to register dissent about the direction of Britain, not thinking that the referendum would succeed.

(Well, Soros must have missed all the polls running up to the referendum pointing to a Leave vote…)

But he admitted he was genuinely shocked when Britain voted to leave, adding that he “simply couldn’t believe” that it happened.

(Sit down and have a whiskey, George, because more shocks are coming your way as other countries leave)

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