Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has called the European Commission “incredibly foolish” after the Commission said it would bypass national parliaments and implement a Canadian free trade deal, CETA.

CETA and the American free trade deal, TTIP,  have met with huge opposition in Germany and Austria over fears they undermine national sovereignty and transfer power to corporations.

Gabriel said the EU Commission’s “stupid pushing through” of the CETA deal would lead to an explosion in conspiracy theories.

“If the EU commission does that with CETA, TTIP is dead,” he said.

The European Commission has reclassified CETA as an administrative measure allowing it, theoretically, to implement it without the agreement of national parliaments, and thereby confirming every fear it is a totalitarian, anti democratic bureaucracy controlled by the corporations and mega banks.

So, the European Commission has now managed to alienate just about every country in European Union in just two short days after Brexit. The Visagrad four countries over secret plans to create a superstate, the eight countries which don’t have the euro over plans to force them to accept it, and now Germany, Austria and France over CETA.

Applause, Jean Claude. Keep it coming. At this rate, the European Commission will implode by the end of the month.




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