Donald Trump has far less money for his campaign than Hilary Clinton, it has emerged.

The state of Trump’s campaign coffers are the strongest indication yet that he has not been captured by mega banks, corporations and foreign governments and is, therefore, the more independent, and better presidential candidate to lead America.

The mainstream media such as the Daily Beast are portraying Trump as a con man for having far less money than Clinton.

The Daily Beast does not ask where Clinton gets her countless millions of campaign money from. In fact, it comes from people like Billionaire George Soros, foreign governments like Saudi Arabia and corporations accused of violating human rights.

Hilary Clinton is the most dangerously unscrupulous and criminally minded politician on the planet. For her actions in relation to Libya and Benghazi alone, she should be in jail.

Her election will be a definite disaster for the USA. There is always a chance that Trump will do something good for the USA and for Britain outside the EU.

Support, Trump!


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