Boris Johnson today announced he will withdraw from the Conservative Party leadership contest throwing the future of the UK wide open after the Brexit vote.

His announcement comes just minutes after Justice Minister Michael Gove said he would stand amid fears that Johnson would try to backtrack on Brexit.

Bullingdon Club member Boris Johnson gained prominence as the public,  media face of the Brexit campaign after it started to gather steam.

But Johnson’s commitment to a Brexit has been questioned, especially since he failed to draw up a plan for the consequences, placing the UK at a disadvantage. The country is now under pressure to activate Article 50 and complete exit talks in a tight two year timeframe but has not got a plan or a clear negotiating position.

Crucial to a successful Brexit is capitalizing quickly on the trade and economic opportunities by negotiating favourable deals with the EU and other countries around the globe. The UK will now need a really capable leader, a strategy and plan to make up for the lost time and avoid an unnecessary uncertainty and a recession.

A creative approach involving informal bilateral negotiations with individual European member states and industrial associations during the summer would strengthen the hand of the UK when it does activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the formal process of withdrawing from the EU.

Surprise candidate Gove seems to be widely considered the best leader to meet the challenges of delivering an economic boost as part of a  Brexit and stopping Britain becoming embroiled in any EU army and unnecessary war with Russia. Unlike Johnson, Gove is also comes across as reasonable and personable, something that will help surely unite the people of Britain.

Gove’s main opponent will be Remain camp minister Teresa May, who has pledged to implement a Brexit.

May is backed by all the Remain camp, including Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, who has said he wants a second Brexit referendum, a big red flag.

May also took a swipe earlier at Johnson when she recalled his purchase of riot control water cannons before seeking her permission to use them, which she denied.

She joked: “Boris negotiated in Europe. I seem to remember last time he did a deal with the Germans, he came back with three nearly-new water cannon.”

Johnson’s  image of a “blond beast” and “dumb blond” rolled into one makes him an ideal candidate to sell a reversal of a Brexit to the public. (“The aggressive beast in me wanted a Brexit. But I was too dumb to see the consequences. I now suffer from what George Soros has called buyers remorse. I will humbly admit I was wrong and will block the UK exit from the EU totalitarian superstate and set water canon on any protestors etc etc”)

Johnson’s campaign was set to be run by the ultimate pro Brexit establishment insider and spin doctor Sir Lynton Crosby.


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