The UK’s pro European establishment have launched vitriolic attacks against Michael Gove following his bid to become the next conservative party leader, and lead the UK out of the EU.

Bilderberg members Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine both called on Gove to quit along with Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, a fact sure to boost Gove’s credentials.

Gove put his country before his personal ambition by throwing his hat into the leadership ring after indications that Boris Johnson, the public face of the Leave campaign, would backtrack, and keep the UK in the EU.

In his pitch for the leadership today, Gove pledged to take action on substantial issues such as funding the NHS and controlling the country’s borders. His focus on delivering results rather than theatrical entertainment will surely win him huge support among voters fed up with the  rhetorical hysterionics of candidates like Boris Johnson and the Teresa May.

Remain supporter Teresa May is the main challenger to Gove. Although she has pledged to implement Brexit, doubts have been raised about the amount of real power May will, in reality, try to take back from the EU in negotiations.

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