“Kill” and “Vaccinate”: The two words in front of David Cameron’s desk

A wall decoration in the office of David Cameron has the bizarre words “Kill” and “Vaccinate” on it.


Cameron is featured writing at his desk in front of the picture in a ‘A Day in the Life’ video made by the Sun in March 2015.


Coincidentally, the few Labour MP to remain loyal to Jeremy Corbyn is Paul Flynn, the UK rapporteur to the PACE inquiry into the swine flu vaccine in 2010.


Flynn and the PACE inquiry left out all the evidence the swine flu vaccine would cause damage such as narcolepsy, and it also left the entire apparatus of mass forced vaccination with experimental jabs in place in the event of WHO declaring an emergency in place.



Dr Sarah Wollaston’s refusal to conduct an inquiry into the UK’s bothced response to the Ebola epidemic means that the Uk remains as exposed as evr to an infectious disease false flag and mass forced vaccination campaign with a risky jab.

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