It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks with Britain voting to leave the EU and a re run of the presidential election ordered in Austria.

To cap it all, it looks like Hilary Clinton might finally be indited by the FBI for running what seems to have been a shadow government using her private email server.


No wonder Clinton’s campaign coffers are stuffed with cash by the likes of   Georg Soros and Saudi Arabia. For a few million dollar donation to Clinton, you can buy the US government.

A secret meeting between BIll Clinton and the attorney general Loretta Lynch to bury the case ended up being broadcast all over the media.

The Globalists must be worried because HSBC director James Comey has just resigned to become the next director of the FBI. HSBC pleaded guilty to laundering millions of narco-dollars for the Mexican drug cartels and paid only a fine.


The Clinton crime gang is famourlsy ruthless with witnesses winding up dead, left, right and centre.


Let’s hope this time round, this woman is put in jail along with Loretta Lynch and James Comey if they try to pervert the course of justice.

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