Germany floats plan to force Brits to have German citizenship when illegals can settle in country with no red tape

Germany’s vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has floated a bizarre plan to give young Brits who voted for Remain German citizenship.

The German power grab over young Brits pushes the narrative of a generation divide in the Brexit vote and comes under the pretext of wanting to give the young legal rights to reside in the EU country.

In fact, only one in five young Brits voted for Remain, i.e. the overwhelming majority, a staggering four in five young Brits, did not vote Remain as even Bild newspaper admitted.

Also, Germany, specifically Angela Merkel, last year threw the country open to millions of illegal migrants. Millions of migrants, including terrorists, entered the country without any checks or controls, last year alone.

An unlimited pool of migrants from the contrived wars in Syria, Afghanistan are continuing to come through other routes, overwhelming Germany and Europe. The migrants are blindly obedient to the Imams, most cannot or will not integrate. They have increased crime and costs.  One of the Istanbul bombers was living off welfare in Vienna.

So, why do Brits need German citizenship  after Brexit when every ISIS terrorist and Islamic fanatic in the world can settle there without any citizenship, let alone German, and remain there no matter what crimes they commit? Why should Brits be treated as second class citizens? Why shouldn’t they be given the same preferential status as illegal migrants by the German government and allowed the same blank cheque? Surely, that is discrimination. Brits should have the same rights as illegal migrants in Germany.

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