Juncker claims Brexit shockwaves have “leaders from other planets” worried…

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has referred to leaders from other planets, claiming they are concerned about the future of the EU after Brexit in a speech in Brussels, which has raised eyebrows.

“It’s necessary to know those watching us from afar are concerned. I have seen, met and listened to several leaders of other planets. They are very worried because they are wondering about the course the European Union will take,” he said in a speech on 28th June.

“Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin sont inquiets. J’ai vu, entendu et écouté plusieurs dirigeants d’autres planètes, ils sont très inquiets parce qu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’Union européenne va suivre.”


Personally, I think big picture thinking is a fine quality in a leader. It’s good Juncker is not thinking small, considering the impact of Brexit just on our little planet. It’s admirable that he shows so much empathy with other planets and leaders from far away solar systems who are suffering shock waves from the Brexit.

But may I make a suggestion? Why does Juncker not take his inter galatic  diplomatic concerns one step further and actually go visit these far away planets to reassure them about Brexit. It might take a few thousand years for him to get to his destination and back again, but that is all the more reason for him to set off immediately. His absence in the EU will be sorely missed, but we accept it is an important mission, and wish him well on his urgent space voyage.

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