Am just preparing to make a formal submission the Supreme Court in Athens to ask them to review the errors of law and procedure of Larisa state prosecutors and correct the disastrous miscarriage of justice in this case.

Part of this submission will be a new civil action I am able to file because the lawyer’s strike ended on June 30th.

Larisa appeals Judge Giorgis Kosmidis dismissed by appeal on the technicality that I am not the defendant. I laid out in page after page evidence of substantial violations of procedures, the systematic suppression of evidence, the holes in the witness statements of the accused, the invention of a fake person by the Ministry of Interiors. And what does judge Kosmidis do? He takes ten weeks to decide my appeal is not admissible and on the grounds I am not the defendant? I am the victim of a staggering miscarriage of justice designed to let the defendants off the hook! Therefore I have the right to recourse against errors in law under the general principles of appeal which underpin the specifics of the legal system.



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