US economist James Galbraith has revealed that martial law was to be implemented in Greece as part of a secretive and chaotic plan to leave the eurozone in 2015.

The plan was developed by Galbraith and Yannis Varoufakis on the instructions Alexis Tsipras, who decided in the end  to sign another bailout.

Galbraith, a close friend of former Prime Minister George Papandreou, who helped plunge Greece into its current debt death crisis, has given details of the plan in a new book.

Even Galbraith’s polished version of plan B suggests that, if the aborted attempt by Varoufakis to leave the eurozone had succeeded, it would have eviscerated the Greek economy, plunged society into chaos and led to the declaration of martial law.

The ramblings of Galbraith about currency and IOUs are not so much a plan as a suicide note for the Greek economy.

Galbraith’s disastrous Plan B was also unnecessary as Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble was actually offering Greece five years out of the Eurozone supported by the eurogroup last summer.–124467614.html

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