Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schonborn has demanded that the re run of the Austrian presidential election on 2nd October 2nd not challenged in the court in the event of fresh voter fraud, thereby  undermining the most basic principle of democracy and law.

Globalist Schonborn is a vocal open borders advocate and his offer to act as a mediator in the next election, therefore, involves him in a conflict of interest. Schonborn has even started setting conditions for the vote, which is unacceptable for a biased member of the clergy.

In return for a so called “fairness” vote counting and monitoring agreement to be overseen by Schonborn himself, opening the door to massive voter fraud, the two parties and candidates must pledge not to challenge the next round of fraud…

In a separate development, it has emerged that residents of an old people’s home had applied for postal votes without their knowledge. Was it an old people’s home run by the Catholic church or through an organization affiliated with the Catholic church and under the control of Cardinal Schonborn?

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