Mercurial Donald Trump needs a brave but steady hand as his Vice President pick to avoid a situation where the USA wakes up to find Trump tweeting he has a) just banned all Muslims b) given the green light to torture or c) declared nuclear war on China on some fit of pique.

My pick would be New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who played an outstanding role in protecting the USA during the Ebola false flag by getting the discussion about quarantines going, a vital move in 2014.

Christie put  in quarantine Kaci Hickox, the “defiant nurse” who turned out to be a covert CDC epidemic intelligence officer  as is WHO Director Keiji Fukuda, a key organizer of the swine flu and Ebola epidemic false flags.

“Go ahead. Sue me,” he said to her.

Best line of 2014. If only Trump would tweet like that! Short, to the point, addressing major policy issues and laws.

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