As Greece’s economy teeters on the edge of collapse, the country’s largest supermarket group is going into liquidation, tourist numbers have plunged, the country’s judges are displaying a staggering self interest and indifference to their county which is verging on the comical.

Judges who last summer nearly saw themselves paid in worthless IOUs, had their petrol rationed and had the army on the streets if Alexis Tsipras’ had implemented his plan B for a Grexit, have clearly learn nothing about the real world.

They  go on fiddling to get the maximum salaries on a technical legal point which is not factually true while the country burns on the edge of bankruptcy and could soon be forced out of the eurozone.

The judges have ruled out that the salary cuts and cuts in rebates they award themselves are illegal on the grounds they have a special role protecting the rule of justice.

Sorry? Is this a joke? Where is the justice in Greece? Read my case! How many judges in Larisa and the Supreme Court have been involved in the proven corruption and cover up I can no longer count. An appeal court judge has refused to consider the evidence of corruption on the technicality I am not the accused when I am the victim of a staggering perversion of justice and, therefore, under the Constitution have the right to redress for a specific verdict.

In fact, I am going to explain to the Supreme Court why I have no option but to boycott the trial of the accused in November unless the proven substantial violations in procedure are corrected and the accused are indited for their crimes. How is that going to look when I boycott this farcical trial because the top judges cannot correct manifest corruption?

I am a journalist who gave information on the swine flu vaccine and financial system who helped the Greek people. But the Greek judges do not care about the Greek people.

I could file a case at the Constitutional court overturning the ruling on the grounds that judges systematically do not factually provide justice in Greece, and therefore do not enjoy the protection of the Constitution and have no right to special salary protection.

The corruption of the judges, which I have now personally experienced, is one of the reasons why the country is on the edge of collapse. Corruption costs the country 33 billion euros a year and is driving away investment and tourists.

Instead of trying to get every cent they can from eurozone tax payers and their collapsing country, judges in Greece should be rolling up their sleeves and working off the backlog of cases this summer, trying to reassure investors and tourists around the world they are serious about turning around the justice system.

If there are investors for the companies offered in the privatization, there will be no money for the salaries of the judges. If tourists stop coming, there will also be no money for the judges. Greece now has an automatic cost cutter. No revenue, no money, no spending, also no spending on judges.

Are there investors rushing for Greek assets? No. There has been only one bid for Trainose and no bids for other companies.

Total economic collapse is the trajectory Greece is now set on. The ruling of the judges is, therefore, not worth the paper it is written on

The fact is Greece is bankrupt, becoming more economically depressed, and kept afloat only by bailout money from European taxpayers who, I am sure, would rather fund the pensions of their parents than the salaries of corrupt and selfish Greek judges.

As for their fellow Greeks, the judges, prosecutors and police enjoy zero respect an that respect will go down as they  display a selfish willingness to take the bread out of the mouths of many struggling Greeks  now facing the seizure of their houses and not protected by their mantel of political corruption.

Judges could soon wake up to find themselves paid with worthless IOUs, their petrol rationed, every shop closed around them and their children starving as they nearly did last summer without even being aware of it.

With their level of skills, they will not find a job in the real economy very easily even if some jobs do survive.



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