Smear campaign against Andrea Leadsom reaches new level

Does anyone really cares what Brexit MP Andrea Leadsom said to The Times about motherhood outside the controlled media circus?

I have to confess her comments don’t interest me in the least. The Times can headline a trivial and, as it turns out, false opinion Leadsom holds about motherhood, but I am more interested in what she has to say about Brexit.

There was such a huge controversy about her remarks on the social media that I did read the transcript. Yawn. I listened to the audio. Another big yawn.

There is “the small”, “the tiny” and there are “The Times headlines”, the tiniest issues of all, it seems.

Blimey, all Leadsom said, and only after being specifically asked by Times reporter Rachel Sylvester,  was, to paraphrase, that her children made her more acutely conscious of her responsibility for shaping the future. It motivated her to be involved in politics and a Brexit. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. It’s her private opinion and she should be allowed to have it. Leadsom appears to have even said to Sylvester, that it was her private opinion and she did not want it to be printed.

My advice to her would be to ignore the issue, not worth commenting on at a time of historical change.

Those Tory MPs who are ready to abandon Leadsom and their country because of a marginal, irrelevant issue, inflated by the media and Remain campaign, and to resign their seats, should step down.

They don’t have a grasp of the serious nature of the work ahead and are not cut for the job of MP as the country faces new challenges and opportunities.



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