A secret plan for Greece to exit the eurozone involving martial law, petrol rations and the printing of IOUs drawn up under the instructions of Alexis Tsipras could become the subject of an inquiry in parliament if the opposition gets its way.



An inquiry is urgent because there is a very real danger that Greece will soon once more face an unplanned exit from the eurozone and there is still no credible plan for a Grexit.

Tsipras’ plans to introduce proportional representational may increase his chances of staying in power but they also  risk a coalition governments in permament crisis, unable to find the majorities to push through legislation asked for by creditors.

The third bailout is accompanied by regular reviews and characterised by the dispersement of only small tranches of money made on condition of reforms.

Tsipras already massively miscalculated on a Graxit last summer. He is about to make another miscalculation about the willingness of creditor countries to keep out paying bailout funds when he allows corruption to run rampant in the country and deliberately paralyses the government in order to stay in power.

Eurogroup finance ministers are under more pressure than ever after Brexit to prove to angry voters that the draining of their tax money, jobs and futures by corrupt politicians like Tsipras working in collusion with banks is ending.


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