A comment from a reader on the events unfolding across the globe, especially in the Ukraine where Washington is supporting the Kiev regime’s aggressive attacks on Russians living in the Crimea, who are set to be allowed to set up an independent republic in Donbass under the terms of the Minsk treaty.



“They all lie to the plebs.

When the plebs start to rebel against the oligarchs, the wars begin.  Kill the opponents of tyranny by waving the flag.  It is as old as the hills.

The elites have stolen everything.  Now they will crash the economy, while distracting the world with “migrants.”  They are not even hiding their perfidy.  To stop the revolt against the ruling class, start a war.  It always works.”
In fact, the elites are no longer able to hide their perfidy. The world knows who they are, which makes for an interesting match up.
I would like to suggest to the Russians that if we are about to enter World War Three and global thermal nuclear war, they send their first nuke to Brussels where NATO and the EU war mongerers and commanders sit. If the nuke misses and hits the Vatican City or the Bank of International Settlements, the Ruskies should send another one flying in through the Berlaymont window.

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