Iain Duncan Smith has said that those who attacked Brexit MP Andrea Leadsom over the weekend must “examine their conscience” after Leadsom resigned paving the way for Remain supporter Teresa May to become the new Prime Minister.


He said: “The circumstances of last few days give you some indication[about why she stepped aside]. There are people in the party who need to examine own consciences and recognise that this is now way to treat colleagues. They’d should be putting the country first, not their personal ambitions.”

In particular journalists at the Times, specifically Rachel Sylvester, should examine her conscience for distorting the words of Leadsom to make it sound as if motherhood was a major part of her campaign when it was not.

The UK now has seen the astonishing spectacle of every single prominent Brexit leader resigning, a host of theatrical speeches,  empty public claims to court support,  but not a single person willing to actually deliver the agenda the UK people voted for at a time of huge public frustration with the status quo.

For  authoritarian Home Secretary and Remain supporter Teresa May  to become Prime Minister only through a crushing smear campaign against an opponent is a pyrrhic victory. May has already made it clear that she may not even exit the EU, but the quick resignations, and modus (A fix?) by which she has become leader has drained her of authority and opens her to a fresh challenge.



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