As Vladimir Putin begs the media to wake up to the fact the world is on the edge of nuclear war, I took this photograph of  the cafe in Larisa, Greece, where I am writing this blog.

Larisa has one of the biggest NATO air bases in Europe. I see NATO planes performing drills in the skies around Larisa almost every day.

Greece’s main army, the First Army, is based in Larisa. I walk past this base almost every day.

Look at all these young people sitting around clueless about the fact they could soon be conscripted, sent to the Russian front or become nuclear dust.


“How do you not understand the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?” Putin asked journalists who looked at him like dumb sheep.

Gernot Erler, the German government’s official for Russian affairs , has just issued a warning of impending World War Three.

It is a kind of surreal situation sitting here in Larisa, thinking about many these young people in this café or walking around the streets could be dead by this time next year if the NATO aggression with Russia does escalate into World War Three and nuclear war.

These young people are totally absorbed in their conversations fed by the controlled mainstream media which barely mentions the build up of NATO tensions with Russia. There is soft music on in the background.

But if you know a bit about history, the present calm also resembles the eve of World War 1 and World War 2 when the general population also lived their day to day lives clueless about the catastrophe that was about to kill, maim, and destroy hundreds of millions of lives.

World War Three is set to claim billions of lives.

Two days ago, Mikhail Gorbachev has warned the next war will be the last one, that is any attack on Russia will be global thermal nuclear.

That said, if there is going to be nuclear war, it will also mean the end of the Larisa courthouse, lawyer’s association, the Patriarch of Athens and the Mansion Maximos in Athens.


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