Theresa May has arrived for the final Cabinet Meeting of Cameron before taking over as Prime Minister of the UK tomorrow.

She said she is committed to bringing the UK out of the EU

The Daily Mail reports May is expected to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the formal process of withdrawing from the EU by the end of the year, which seems a reasonable time frame.

Whatever you may think of her, you have to hand it to Theresa May for her readiness to shoulder such a huge responsibility.

David Cameron may have been an efficient manager and administrator of government under the (banker) status quo. But May is going to have to manage an unprecedented exit from the EU in a very challenging environment, sailing through stormy, uncharted waters, patrolled by Bismarck warships like Goldman Sachs, and trolled by the European Commission and Washington, requiring a real “war time” style leadership.

A clue as to May is serious about implementing real change will come from Cabinet appointments. If prominent Brexit MPs like Andrea Leadsom are overlooked and George Osborne remains Chancellor, the UK can expect business as usual.

If May is serious about change, I hope the country gets behind her and gives her a good start. If she manages a successful Brexit, it will be an absolutely gigantic, historical achievement.

May is going to need a lot of nerve, set clear targets, make tough decisions, and also she is going to have to do a lot of work monitoring results, constantly assessing and re assessing progress and making adjustments, will need lots of rest and eat well with a glass of good wine now and then.

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