Up to 50 officers in Russia’s Baltic fleet, including the head of the fleet, have been sacked by Vladimir Putin for failing to confront NATO and EU ships encroaching on Russian waters as the reality of global nuclear war comes one step closer.

“Up to 50 officers of the fleet were fired alongside Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk and his chief of staff Rear Admiral Sergei Popov after they reportedly refused to follow orders to confront Western ships.

Reports in Russia also suggested the purges followed an alleged cover-up of a submarine accident, flaws in recruitment and military construction projects.”


Russia does not have the military ability a conventional war against the combined forces of the EU and NATO. Russia is also not going to accept an invasion and junta. With no realistic defence options other than nuclear weapons, Russians have to be ready to meet any NATO aggression in the “do or die” spirit and press the nuclear button.

Putin needs a military that is ready to make it clear to NATO and the EU that if Russia is attacked and destroyed, the attackers will be destroyed too. The Russian  military have to be ready to buzz “enemy” naval ships and be shot down by NATO if necessary.  They have to be ready to draw a red line and hold it. Russian naval commanders and pilots who refuse to hold that red line because it is too “dangerous” for them need to be fired and replaced by military who are ready to make it clear to NATO ships, planes and soldiers that can go so far and no further. Russian territory is going to be defended. The Russians will not be massacred, starved, besieged, imprisoned and killed in their millions in any conventional warfare again.

Vladimir Putin is trying to get that message through to people like Jean Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama that the aggressive NATO build up on its border and meddling in the Russian Crimea in Russia will not  ead to a slow moving, escalating conventional war with Russia profitable to the bankers and military industrial complex. It will not lead to the destruction of Russia while the likes of George Soros, David Petraeus, Jean Claude Juncker and Barack Obama sit back in their air conditioned offices. It will lead to their destruction too.





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