Russia’s nuclear missile forces have started conducting war drills across the entire territory.

The drills include moving nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile units from location to location in top secrecy in a clear sign Russia is preparing for a real war with NATO and the EU.

Hiding large numbers of missiles out of range of the opponent and placing them in dispersed and secret positions to fire back in the event of an attack is a sensible move for any commander preparing for a war with hostile forces encircling its territory.

“About 400 military vehicles, among them autonomous missile launchers Topol, Topol-M and Yars, accompanied by command posts, security vehicles, anti-sabotage complexes armed with drones and combat robots are out in the open for drills, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement,” reports RT.

“Modern ICBMs currently account for up to 56 percent of the nuclear arsenal and by 2022 all outdated ballistic missile systems are going to be replaced with new ones, Karakaev said. He has been informed that research and development work for the new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile system, Sarmat, has been completed and next year full-scale tests are set to begin at the Plesetsk military cosmodrome,” reports RT.

“Every year, a minimum of four to five missile regiments of Yars mobile systems are entering service, Karakaev reported. In June, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would add 40 new-generation intercontinental ballistic missiles to its nuclear arsenal in 2015.”

Let’s hope Russia’s nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles are being aimed at the European Commission and NATO HQ in Brussels.

Other strategic targets would be  Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan in London, the US Federal Reserve, the White House and the Bank of International Settlements….

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