The next Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May supports Sharia law, it has emerged. She has allowed a 100 Sharia courts to operate in the UK.

May’s term at the Home Office was characterised by a massive influx of illegal migrants from the Islamic world and by her laxity in punishing Islamic migrants engaged in mass rape of girls.

May was in charge when the UK police ignored the rape of 1,400 girls by Islamic migrants.

So, the UK now has a huge problem on its hands. Engineered radical Islamic migrant waves are the weapon of choice of the Globalists, and if May is going to hold her protective hand over them, is going to uphold Sharia law, is going to allow the mass rape of women, it will spell civil war in the UK.

Patrick Calvar, the head of intelligence, has warned parliament civil war could break out any time due to migrant waves sexual assaults (contempt of women promoted by Sharia law) and terrorism.

Germany, Austria and Sweden are also experiencing an epidemic of migrant sexual assaults, fuelling very real fears of civil war within the next months as the migrant waves from radical Islamic countries continue to enter the country in spite of the closure of the Balkans route.

In response to criticism, May  has apparently made the anaemic offer of an inquiry into whether Sharia courts are leading to the abuse of women in the UK. Another (white wash) inquiry is not good enough. A principle is at stake. Either UK law prevails or Islamic Sharia law prevails.  Either women have rights and those rights are reinforced by UK law. Or they do not.

By now ordering an a inquiry into Sharia law instead of banning it altogether immediately, May has shown she is out of touch and ready to put the social cohesion of the UK stake.

The UK does not need a “goody two shoes” vicar’s daughter who does what the establishment and media tell her is “good” as Prime Minister. It needs a person of real moral fibre, who will take steps to stop the collapse of the UK into civil war due to the engineered migrant waves, and who does so immediately before it a situation like France arises. If such a situation has not already already under May’s lax, promiscuous and extremist watch over radical Islamic migrants as Home Secretary which saw record numbers arrive on UK shores.



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