As Russian mobile nuclear missile launchers position themselves in the depths of pine forests, ready to blitz Europe, the UK and USA, and as global thermal nuclear war becomes a real time, real, any minute threat, I had a late lunch in my regular taverna in Larisa, followed by a glass of Ouzo, the local digestif.

Ouzo is a crystal clear liquid. But when you put ice cubes into it, it turns cloudy. In fact, it becomes almost white as you can see from this picture.



Watching my glass of Ouzo, or Ouzaki, as locals call it, turn opaque, it struck me that this was an image of our spirit.

Our spirit is also a clear and pure medium. It is receptive to eternal, absolute ideas, to God.

Unless, that is, we pour the ice cubes of worldly thoughts into it. Then our spirits also become cloudy, opaque, foggy, misty, darkened like a glass of Ouzo. They become obfuscated by countless tiny thoughts. Thoughts about particular, concrete, random worldly things fill our minds. “Will I become a minister in the Brexit cabinet?”, “Will I find my keys and get to work on time?”

Third World War is impending. The end of humanity is close enough to touch. But our “Ouzo” minds filled with the ice cubes of ambition, greed, selfishness, don’t get it.

Dear reader, have you got it? Have got it that we are on the edge of World War Three? Conscription? Cattle trains heading to the front? Nuclear mushroom clouds?

Did you spend any part of your day reviewing your life? Preparing for the end? Tying up lose ends? Or did you think, oh well, that’s just another news item?  Another virtual game world scenario?

Did you think , oh, I’ll get on with my life, my pointless life filled with the never ending series of tasks I have set myself that serve no one outside myself, saturated with the never ending worries that preoccupy me and only me, boosted by the illusionary hopes that sustain me, playing video games, watching football, expressing myself on social media without doing anything?

Have you got it?

I have to confess I didn’t get it until I met the Russian TV crew in Larisa.

Then, I got it. I got it that the Russians are really, really afraid of war. The Russians really , really, really don’t want the German soldiers conducting drills so near to their border. World War Two is still present to their minds. The Russians  absolutely don’t want NATO troops massing aggressively at their frontier. They don’t want a a confrontation engineered by the bankers to divert from the economic meltdown in the Eurozone destroying their country.

And what the Russians are afraid of counts. They have the nuclear missile launches.  Those nuclear missile launchers are now being dispersed throughout Russia in preparation for a real war.



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