Jeremy Hunt stays as health secretary

Jeremy Hunt, the man who has done more to destroy, demoralize and demolish the NHS than any predecessor, is to remain Health Secretary, it has emerged.

The news that Theresa Hunt has kept Hunt in his job will be a huge disappointment to hard pressed NHS staff and their patients.

Hunt has no policies and so a change in policy is not likely. Hunt has a hatchet, and with that hatchet, he cuts and cuts the NHS budgets, lies to the public about the cuts, helps maintain a regime of intimidation against the whistle blowers, cuts some more and when he incite strikes, he imposes the cuts  and new contracts, exceeding his powers.

That said, Hunt did back May and the government only has a formal majority of twelve. There are just so many cabinet ministers she can sack in one go without risking some serious discontent on the backbenches.

‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…’ Hunt just tweeted, confirming he and his hatchet remain in place.

Sorry, Jeremy. We have yet to see a sign of life. A zombie can also wield a hatchet to get his next meal, right?

Liz Truss has been made  Justice secretary  and Justine Greening of an expanded Education secretary and minister for women and equalities, which is to include higher education.

Three old ministries are to be merged into two new ones, industry and infrastructure. That bit sounds good to me.



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