The new UK Prime Minister Theresa May has signalled with her first six cabinet post appointments that she is serious about Brexit.

Coming out swinging her handbag, May has appointed high profile Brexiteer Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

Boisterous, “blond beast”, Bullingdon Bully, Johnson is surely going to to be Jean Claude Juncker’s and every EU officials’ biggest nightmare.  Not to mention Obama’s.

But Johnson gets on well enough with Germans, having brought back three water canons after negotiations as London mayor, as May herself noted.

May has given two key posts determining whether Brexit is successful or not to steady Brexit supporters. David Davis has been given the new job of secretary of state for exiting the European Union. Liam Fox has been made secretary of another new ministry, for international trade.

Johnson’s capacity to do any real damage to the UK or Europe has therefore been pretty much neutralized.

Out is George Osborne, the Bullingdon Club hammer swinger of the fractional reserve private banksters.

Osborne’s austerity has wrecked the NHS, the education system, the army, every institution. He has installed a Bedroom Tax, the kind of tax a Gauleiters of occupied Nazi territories would have been proud of, seen the rise of foodbanks, unemployment among the young, and poverty to levels not seen since Victorian times.

Philip Hammond has become new chancellor of the exchequer. He arrived at Number 10 just as Osborne left by the back door, media report. Probably to drive straight to Goldman Sachs to discuss his next job.

Home secretary, has gone to Amber Rudd, the former energy secretary, who entered parliament in 2010.

Michael Fallon is to remain in his job as defence secretary.

The authoritarian, lying and incompetent Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has also been shifted, but it is not clear if he will exit cabinet altogether.


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