The UK, which is the middle of formulating a successful Brexit strategy, is bracing itself for a (false flag?) terrorist attack after an attack in Nice.

Prime Minister Teresa May called an emergency COBRA meeting this afternoon.

The danger comes after May made a bold cabinet reshuffle axing most of David Cameron’s bankster friends from government, and formulated a credible Brexit strategy.

Her government is seeking to rapidly negotiate free trade deals with the world’s biggest economies before the likely date for withdrawal from the EU around the end of 2018.

The focus is on China, the US, Canada and Hong Kong initially but  deals with other countries such as Australia, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, Mexico and South Africa would follow.

Also, the government is preparing to spend in order to stabilise the economy.

In short, the Brexit ship has weighed anchor, hoisted its sails and is about to set off in fair winds in the right direction, something that will not please Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and banksters like George Soros.

If Cobra really wants to thwart a terrorist attack by finding the plan on time, my tip would be a quick search the offices of the likes of David Cameron, George Osborne, Marck Carney, Sadiq Khan, Goldman Sachs, the US embassy, the EU Commission office and G4S.

As Europe and UK has to face a blitz of terrorist attacks, its time to follow every lead that might lead to the organizers.

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