Just days after Patrick Calvar, France’s most senior security chief warned the country is on the edge of civil war, an attack by a “Muslim terrorist” has killed 84 people in Nice.

Police in a country under martial law and on high alert for terrorist attacks (see Patrick Calvar’s testimony) somehow allowed a van packed with explosives through barricades and to drive nearly 2 kilometres on a beachfront, killing people.

Is the attack a false flag? A false flag to roll out an agenda of engineered civil war and a police state would be very convenient for the Globalists at this time.

France is starting to seek friendlier relations with Russia, and Frexit politician Marine Le Pen could be elected as president next year on the back of massive discontent with the euro, an uncontrolled migration.

Aspects of the Nice attack that fit the pattern of false flags attacks include

President Francoise Hollande, who together with Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras, opened Europe’s borders to  radical Islamic terrorists, received a letter from a high level official warning that security forces in that part of France were not prepared for a terrorist attack the day before.

He immediately used the attack as a pretext to extend martial law and call for more NATO military action in the Middle East.

Hollande has extended martial law to at least October. The presidential elections are set to take place either in April or May 2017. But will the elections ever take place if Hollande can use another terror attack as a pretext to extend martial law into 2017?;jsessionid=D6D65D5E8789C8F917595A3CCDE59088

Die Welt reports a French eyewitness asking how the van was able to get through the barriers onto the promenade and drive for so long when everyone in Nice was expecting just such an attack.


Accounts conflict. Some say the van driver got through the barricades by claiming to be an deliverer of ice cream. But the whole point of barricades is to screen vehicles and conduct checks. So, why didn’t the police conduct a check?

Other reports say the ice cream van was parked there for nine hours. But a security checks include not just setting up barricades but conducting a sweep of vehicles already on a section of road. So, why didn’t the police notice an ice cream delivery van parked for nine hours?

Other reports say the van turned the corner from a hospital and began its rampage.

Police took twenty minutes to arrive says Liberation.

The attacker was known to the police.

The attacker was shot, so no stories to tell.

The tyres have not been shot at as video of police surrounding and shooting the Nice terror attacker shows. The obvious way to stop a rampaging van is to shoot the back and front tyres to shreds.

cam 1

Pictures show the van standing stably and supported by all four sets of tyres after it was brought to a halt by a hail of bullets directed at the driving cabin.

cam 2

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