More evidence is emerging that the Nice terror attack was a false flag job used by President Francois Hollande as a pretext to extend martial law.

Pictures of the van used in the terror attack show the front windscreen on the passenger side is riddled with bullets, fuelling speculation that the scene was staged later when the real driver was in safety.

At any rate the pattern of bullet impacts is not in harmony with the official version. This says police surrounded the van and shot the driver. But that would mean bullet impacts should be seen on the windscreen on the driver’s side, not the passenger side.

Also, there is no sign that police tried to shoot out the tyres, which would be the obvious strategy for bringing a van to a halt.

In fact, papers found in the van are the only “proof” offered that the driver as the official suspect, a 31 year old French man of Tunisian origin. But anyone could have put these ID papers in the van to pin the blame on a “Muslim” and push the Globalist religious and race war agenda.

Live mainstream news coverage also mentions eye witnesses seeing four trucks and no gunfire being heard.

It also remains a mystery how the van was able to get through barriers to the promenade closed for pedestrians and spectators during the 14th July celebration unless it was an inside job.

It is not clear why it took police and firemen so long to get to the scene when martial law was in place, meaning there should have been a large police presence at public assemblies.

At any rate, President Francois Hollande immediately blamed the Nice attack on terrorists and ordered martial law, which was due to expire on 26 July 2016, to be extended for another three months.

But what is the point of martial law if it does not protect people from “terror” attacks as the Nice attack shows?

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