Just preparing my email to the judges of the Supreme Court in Athens concerning my case.

I have been set up for a lethal penalty by justice officials at the so called trial of the accused in November. I will file charges against justice officials and boycott the trial unless the errors in law to my disadvantage are corrected immediately.

I have to be given written confirmation there will be a proper investigation, I see that investigation take place, and the trial takes place on the basis of solid evidence against the accused.

Also, I am asking for the location of the trial to be changed given the number of Larisa prosecutors, judges and lawyers who have perverted the course of justice and in such a way as to set me up for a lethal penalty. It is clear the Ministry of Interior and Justice are involved. There are indications Alexis Tsipras himself is involved.

I present my reasoning in the letter below, am just getting the tables ready and waiting for the Greek translation.

Also, I may have found an honest lawyer to file a civil suit in Larisa after Asterios Liapis, the lawyer summoned to the Interior Ministry, altered evidence unilaterally and changed the civilian name of Theodekti to my disadvantage.

Stay away from Greece, dear readers of my blog! Total and deadly corruption from the top to bottom. Not a safe environment for a holiday let alone an investment.

Anyway, the letter….

Dear Vasiliki Thanou,

Dear Xenia Dimitriou

I am writing to you about my concerns that justice officials in Greece are colluding with a person who made a de facto murder attempt against me on account of my journalism activities to set me up for a lethal penalty.

My case highlights systematic corruption, cronyism and nepotism in the Greek justice system. This must be of concern to anyone investing in Greece or coming on holiday or having dealings with the Greek government. That is why I am going to email parliaments in Europe, US senators and Congress men and women, and other governments as well as trade associations around the world concerning my case.

I was interviewed about my work and case in Larisa by a film crew from Russian state TV, Rossija, on June 20th. You can see more details on my birdflu666 blog. Russia is an important potential source of investment for Greece.

I submitted documents to you in June with evidence showing Areios Pagos prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou helped pervert the course of justice in my case in Larisa.

The evidence I submitted offers unambiguous proof that Larisa state prosecutors and police acting together with Spyropolou colluded with the accused, Theodekti, Abbess of the monastery St John the Forerunner, and others to allow her to make a statement not under oath and which is contradicted by two other witness statements and by my evidence, which would allow for my forcible psychiatric confinement at her so called trial in November 2016.

To clarify, I am not just accusing Greek justice officials of a cover up of the original murder attempt by Theodekti and others to silence me by effecting my illegal imprisonment under the pretext I am mentally ill. I am accusing justice officials including Efstathia Spyuropoulou of making another attempt in collusion with Theodekti to silence a journalist critical of Alexis Tsiprasand using more or less the same means, namely the testimony of two of the originally accused, Theodekti and Theonike.

I am now writing to you with the urgent request to examine my case and address my concerns. I urge you to avoid situation in which I file formal charges against prosecutors, judges and police officials in Greece for conspiracy to silence a journalist investigating matters of public interest by effecting their forcible pyschiatrization under false pretences.

In April, after Spyropoulou had taken over my case, Larisa state prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou issued a preliminary penal verdict that suppresses essential evidence and witnesses.

The basis for the trial are only four witness statements and a letter from the Ministry of Interior. The prosecutor tried to stop me seeing the verdict and file. And for good reason.

Two of the witness statements belonged to the accused, that is, Theodekti and Theonike.

Theodekti and Theonike were not required to tell the truth or make their statement under oath to police Ajia. In other words they were given official permission to lie.

A statement under oath is general requirement for a suspect of a serious crime.

A third statement included in the trial is from a biased witness, a Greek Australian novice who is dependent on Theodekti because she wants to become a nun there.

A fourth statements comes from a non essential witness who is the mother of a novice at the monastery and so also indirectly dependent on Theodekti.

No statements I made to the police in April and July 2015 were in the prosecutor’s file for the trial. No other evidence I presented since this was in the prosecutor’s file for the trial. No statements from essential witnesses who saw the crimes Theodekti and Theoniki were in the file. In spite of my repeated requests to have them questioned, they have not been.

But what do the accused say to the police in their statements not under oath? Theodekti and Theonike claim that the bruises I suffered from their beating on April 20th 2015 were the result of drunkenness and self harm. If the court accepts this, I could be forcibly confined on the basis of the false statements of the accused not made under oath.

An attempt at forcible confinement on this basis is the crime illegal imprisonment under the pretext of mental illness. The general opinion is that I would never come out alive from a psychiatric unit in Greece ie it is another de facto murder attempt but this time organized by Greek justice officials in collusion with Theodekti!

The statements of Theodekti and Theonike are also contradicted by the two other witness statements made under oath. Neither mention drunkenness or self harm. And yet the prosecutor has made no attempt to investigate these contradictions as is her duty.

These statements make it clear Theodekti and Theonike are lying.

The fourth witness who collected from the monastery, in fact, says she say no problems in my behavior and she was completely surprised by the events on April 20th.

Larisa appeals court judge George Kosmides rejected my appeal on the technicality I am not the accused. True, I am the victim. But I am also the one affected by the massive miscarriage of justice represented by the preliminary penal verdict which not only denies me judgment but sets me up for a lethal penalty. The principle underlying every appeal system is that a person directly affected my a verdict based on errors of law can appeal it.

Part of the evidence I present shows that George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have direct personal knowledge of my blog, read it and copy for it. I allege they are the prime suspects. They have the motive, means and opportunity.

I also presented evidence that Larisa police, on the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, fabricated a fake person “Th. Vallianatou” to direct the investigation to the wrong person. Larisa police and prosecutors colluded to suppress evidence and essential witnesses. Spyropoulou joined in the collusion.

I believe the evidence I submitted already should have been enough for the Areios Pagos to issue arrest warrants against various justice officials in Larisa, including Christina Fasoula, Katarina Papaioannou and Efstathia Spyropoulou.

The public will not understand why these individuals are still at large to continue their crime spree and target me for a lethal penalty.

It is not clear why you have not appointed a special prosecutor to question the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior as well as Alexis Tsipras by this stage. It is clear from the evidence that the Greek government is involved in every step of the attempt to cover up a de facto murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities and in the attempt to set me up for a lethal penalty.

A trial of the accused Theodekti has been scheduled in November. Far from getting justice, Larisa prosecutors have set up the trial in such a way that I could suffer a lethal penalty as I have explained.

For this reason, I will not able to go to the trial unless you take corrective action immediately and ensure a proper investigation takes place and a proper preliminary penal verdict is delivered.

The trial moreover is set to take place in Larisa. Larisa police, prosecutors and judges and lawyers are implicated in the cover up and will have a motive to silence me by using the empty form of justice to punish me and have me forcibly confined.

I also request a change of location of the trial. Too many police, lawyers, prosecutors and judges are now implicated in the cover up for me to expect a fair hearing in the city of Larisa.

I will not be able to go to the trial until you correct these flaws.

Before I go to any trial, I will need written confirmation that there will be a proper investigation. I will need to have proof that investigation took place, ie that essential witnesses were questioned and that my evidence has not been removed from the file I will need to see a proper preliminary penal verdict based in that investigation.

Once I see that you have conducted this investigation in accordance with procedures and set up a trial in accordance with the law, I will attend it. After all, I am the victim of a serious crime and have an interest in seeing the accused put on trial in accordance with the rules.

Specifically, I ask you to investigate the following issues

Who in the Ministry of Interior ordered Larisa police to investigate a fake person “Th. Vallianatou”?

What did the Minister of Interior know?

What did Alexis Tsipras know?

What does the new head criminal prosecutor Xenia Dimitriou know about my case?

Dimitriou was in Larisa on official business when she appointed the new head of the Areios Pagos criminal division. Did she discuss my case with any one?

If she does not know about my case, why not? It is her professional duty to be informed about high profile cases such as mine which has received the attention of the European Commission President, the UK Parliament and Russian state TV

If Dimitriou knows about my case, did she give instructions to continue to proceed with a plan to set me up for a lethal penalty under the pretext of administering justice?

Does Dimitriou have a son or daughter working for bankers or others I criticize on my blog? That is to say, does she have a conflict of interest that she has concealed? Does she have an offshore bank account?

What explanation are there for the way Dimitriou has apparently given a blank check to criminal prosecutors to run rampage than improper influence?

I have summarized the main errors of law in my case in tables below.

I hope you will take speedy action to address my case. The trial is scheduled in November. If I am forced to boycott it, it will be a scandal for Greece.

If I formally file charges against you for your conspiracy to effect my illegal imprisonment under the false pretence I am mentally ill, then you can look forward to an interesting few years.

I am a journalist who played a key role in warning not just the people of Greece, but the people of the world about the risky swine flu vaccine. You underestimate my support.

The international public especially will be wondering why the judges at the top court in Greece do not do more to earn their salaries and the respect of their peers by doing their jobs and by applying the law equally also to colleagues suspected corruption as well as to ministers. That means launching an investigation where there is evidence of serious crimes. That happens in other countries such as Brazil. It needs to happen in Greece.

Please do not hesitate to contact me using my email


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