JK Rowling and Ross Kemp are among the celebrities urging people to 25 pounds to vote out Jeremy Corbyn as the battle for the leadership of the Labour party reaches the end phase.

Corbyn, who is advised by Yannis Varoufakis, is confident he will be elected after 180,000 people joined the Labour party to vote in what is emerging as an extra parliamentary coup d etat, reports The Telegraph.

How many are migrants might be among those who joined up, I wonder, handed out cash to vote for Corbyn along the lines of the Vienna city elections?

Confident his troops organized by the sinister movement Momentum can rig the vote to get him elected, Corbyn has said all Labour MP will be forced to get reselected by their local party before the new general election in a move that could effectively allow the Labour leader to sack virtually the entire Labour parliamentary party, which have opposed him.

Angela Eagle, the Labour MP who challenged Mr Corbyn for the leadership, has been told by police to stop holding open surgeries with her constituents over concerns for her safety.

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