Bomb threat to Greece’s Supreme Court as probe into Vgenopoulos intensifies

Greece’s Supreme Court was forced to evacuate this morning after it received a bomb threat.

The threat comes as top judge Vasiliki Thanou intensifies efforts to tackle corruption in the country and, especially, to bring the banker Andreas Vgenopoulos, behind the collapse of the Laiki bank, costing Cyprus billions, to justice.

A new prosecutor has been assigned to investigate Vgenopoulos after the prosecutor Georgia Tsatani faced disciplinary action for shelving the case.

The new investigation is focussing on a bribe Vgenopoulos allegedly paid to the Cyprus central bank chief channelled through a shipping company, which was granted massive loans by Laiki bank.

It is not clear who made the call to the Areios Pagos early this morning just after eight, but it is legitimate to ask if it was someone linked to Vgenopoulos.

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