Australia’s Cardinal George Pell, one of the most outspoken critics of the pseudo science of Global warming, is facing allegations of child abuse in what appears to be smear campaign conducted by media and police.

ABC television last night broadcast a story saying George Pell was being investigated by police over  allegations related to child abuse. But it has emerged the police have not made any request to interview Pell himself, surely a crucial part of any serious investigation,  which has allegedly last twelve months.

Being publicly and persistently falsely accused of things while being denied the right to present evidence showing the accusation is false is a smear tactic, which the readers of my blog will be all too familiar with.

The cardinal denies all of the allegations made by the complainants and says he’s being subjected to trial by media on the back of leaking ‘by elements of the Victoria Police to the ABC’.

As my case shows, it is quite easy for the police to invent fake people, (Th. Vallianatou) and in collude in allowing the accused to make false witness statements not under oath.

The smear tactic used in the case pursued by Greek Supreme Court prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou against top judge Vasiliki Thanou appeared to involve a bribed witness.

The timing and publicity given to these allegations, which have no evidence to corroborate them, strongly suggest the notion that George Pell is being targeted by the Globalists, including perhaps even Pope Francis, a high profile advocate of Global warming and open borders, for his opposition to the New World Order.

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