Angela Merkel yesterday refused to change her open doors policy in spite of a week of Islamic attacks by migrant, fuelling fears that she intends to use the attacks as a pretext to impose martial law.

In an indirect admission that she can no longer guarantee security, Merkel announced the German army will participate in large scale, anti terror drills with the police from August.



Europe urgently needs a framework, a plan to deal with the threat posed by the actions of Angela Merkel before the crisis reaches catastrophic proportions. When Europeans consider the choices for averting martial law, civil war and disaster immediately, recent history can be a useful prism, offering examples.

Merkel’s declaration that she intends to deploy the German army on domestic marks the latest phase of a agenda she has been pursuing for the past year on behalf of special banking and corporate interests.

In the first phase of the plan, Merkel helped create a permanent source of religious tension, ethnic and economic conflict by inviting into Germany huge numbers of migrants from a hostile and extremist Islamic group. She has created a climate of violence by ignoring warnings from German police and intelligence chiefs that thousands of Islamic terrorists were entering the country after infiltrating the flows of migrants.

The spate of terror attacks last week in Germany, many of which are clearly staged, mark the second phase in an unfolding Globalist plan to implode Germany and Europe.

As these attacks escalate, Merkel can use the army to crush her own people and impose full scale martial law, something that will provoke civil war, which she could use to install herself as a total dictator.

It’s worth recalling that Adolf Hitler was also democratically elected leader like Merkel who morphed into a fully fledged dictator piece by piece through false flag terror attacks such as the Reichstag fire, which occurred when security stood down.

Merkel did not consult parliament before announcing her plans yesterday to use the army to combat terror in Germany in another sign of her authoritarian bent.

That Merkel intends to use the army and police to protevt the Islamic terrorists can be gleaned from the great lengths her government and the state controlled mainstream media went to portray the Islamic attacker in Munich Ali David Sonboli as a right wing extremist.

In addition, the Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has unveiled plans to allow non Germans to be recruited into the army, opening the door to the enlistment of tens of thousands of soldiers with Islamic background.

A critical mass of factors are, in fact, combining to create a dangerous situation, which could soon lead to the total collapse of Germany and Europe. A scenario which would have been unthinkable even a years ago has now become probable.

First, Isil terrorists created and controlled ultimately by Washington have poured into Europe and are continuing to pour in.

The recent false flag attacks in Nice and Munich show that they are being helped in their attacks with the intelligence, weapons and logistics of rogue elements in the government, secret services and probably NATO.

Second, massive numbers of hostile and extremist Islamic groups are entering into Germany and Europe at the time of a deepening economic crisis. Budget constraints will mean that the German state will, and probably at some time soon, no longer be able feed and house the millions of migrants on its territory, creating a society with a predisposition to economic conflict in addition to religious and ethnic conflict.

Third, the threat of the German state’s economic collapse comes at the same time as the financial collapse of Deutsche Bank and Italy’s banks could impoverish tens of millions of private individuals.

If Germany implodes into religious and ethnic violence, civil war, against a background of mass impoverishment and dictatorship, then it will send shockwaves throughout Europe.

What options are there for stopping the spiral of violence and conflict? What lessons does history give?

A historian or strategist can immediately see there are options for turning the engineered Islamic invasion into something favourable for destroying the Globalists themselves.

The attempt by Claus von Stauffenberg to end the second world war by assasinating Adolf Hitler and implementing Valkyrie is an interesting historical case.

Strategies focusing on fighting Isil terrorists are doomed since there are in the meantime so many in our midst. Europe is facing a much broader threat. Europe is facing an engineered invasion in the interests of the Globalists and orchestrated terrorist attacks. To be effective in thwarting this attack, Europeans need to focus on the organizers or fixers pulling the strings in the background.

The very same tactics that the Globalist use on the people of Europe could, in fact, highly theoretically as recent history shows, be used against them.

Targeting Globalists for false flag Isil terrorist attacks using their own methods would be a brutal but likely effective strategy for neutralizing the threat they pose, and so be a key part of plan that a hard boiled military strategist considering historical examples might develop.

Under this hypothetical scenario, small cells of two or three individuals could need to work together in total secrecy to develop plans to knock out Globalists. Surveillance is omnipotent and plants are already active in opposition groups.

If we presuppose such an approach, and such cells were inside the army and police and had access to weapons, intelligence and support, it would increase the chances of a successful blitz against the Globalists with every attack blamed on Isil.

After all, as any strategist must agree, is it not more likely that Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen Alexis Tsipras should be the targets of “Islamic terror” as the architects and

supporters of NATO wars? Is it not more likely that NATO bases, the Vatican, European Commission and European Central Bank and other banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan as well as media outlets like ARD and ZDF would be the targets of Islamic terror?

After every terror attack, an Islamic flag or Syrian ID could in this hypothetical counter terrorism strategy be left beside the blown up car, bombed out government building or tattered shoes of Francoise Hollande, for example, to identify the terrorists as unequivocably Islamic.

Police and army could be briefed to turn a blind eye when “Isil terrorists” escape, erase CCTV video footage and generally make it impossible to find them, supposing there is any genuine search in the first place.

An information campaign targetting the police and army could be launched to raise awareness of the nature of the threat and the culprits, although the German police already seem to be pretty clued in and it is not difficult to imagine any attack on Merkel being greeted with a round of applause.

Any government officials who investigate can be eliminated by using the very same smear campaigns and false accusations that the Globalists themselves use against opponents. For example, any interior ministry official who turns up to investigate missing CCTV footage can be accused of molesting a male police man on duty in the backroom, and placed under immediate arrest.

A covert twitter, facebook and social media campaign in Arabic and Farsi could also encourage genuine Islamic terrorists to direct their ire against the likes of Hollande and Merkel, giving detailed maps of their residence, schedule. Attacks against Globalists could be portrayed as especially worthy of honour in the Arab world with bitcoin rewards offered.

The public outrage generated by any “Islamic” attack against figures like Merkel and Hollande could be magnified by a social media campaign, then, be used to make an immediate push to change policies, close borders and promote a push to deport all Islamic terrorists from northern Europe just as Switzerland is planning to do.

Neutralizing the Globalist figures using false flag Islamic terror would also act as a deterrent for any counter strikes against leading figures of the opposition or the people.

The Globalists have to understand the principle of deterrence. Every strike at innocent people or opposition will lead to a blitz against them.

Violence that alienates the vast majority of law abiding and peaceful Muslim citizens should be avoided. Ethnic and religious tensions need to be deescalated to reduce the risk of civil war.

Once the Globalists are neutralized, the terrorists deported, their policies are changed, government and democracy have to be rebuilt.

We are witness the extraordinary spectacle of the European Commission and Merkel morphing into dictators with Merkel refusing to change her disastrous course, to put her policy to a vote in parliament, resign or call new elections.

The financial and economic system also has to be reset with the implementation of the Chicago Plan Revisited and the introduction of Sovereign money.

The risk of conflicts between nation states in Europe need to be managed in the framework of cooperation. The people of all the European nation states need to pull together, also to main strong defenses.

Foreign policy needs to be changed to stop the NATO wars creating so may migrants in the first place.

Throughout this process, militia groups could be set up not just to ensure the safety of the people in their local area, but also that there are stockpiles of food.

Plans have to be worked out to ensure there is fuel, electricity and water since the Globalists control most of these basic functions and can cripple any opposition just by turning these basic necessities off.

Smart metres seem to be not only a health hazard but a security hazard. In Austria, at any rate, the smart metres are controlled by just nine centres, allowing for electricity, water and gas to be turned off selectively. For example, army barracks could find themsleves cut off while migrant homes could still be supplied, enabling them to be active.

These are just some ideas that a military strategist familiar with history might consider given the current situation, although  not endorsed by myself.

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