Boris Johnson, the new British Foreign Minister, has spent this week holidaying in Volos, Greece.

Johnson has been a constant visitor to Volos, a part of Greece where relatively few British tourists go, for the past three years, it has emerged.

He arrived last Friday in Thessaloniki, hired a car and drove together with his family, presumably past Larisa, to Volos, report Greek media.

His base is a villa in Horto on Mount Pelion. Local media have been covering Johnson’s holiday this year in detail, including a visit to a seaside tavern and a sailing trip.

His visits started around the same  time that I arrived at the monastery in the Volos area in November 2013, which happened to be around the time the Ebola false flag epidemic was starting in West Africa, the subject of many of my blog posts.

In February 2014, when Johnson was mayor of London, the city upgraded its pandemic plans, focussing on vaccinations.

Johnson, an Oxford graduate, is a member of the Bullingdon Club along with pal David Cameron, George Osborne and Nat Rothschild.

Since Johnson is so familiar with the Volos and Larisa area, I might write to him about my case…

It would be interesting to know if Johnson ever had a chance to chat with the Bishop of Volos, with whom readers of my blog will be familiar with, or other local politicians during his frequent visits to Volos via Larisa.

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