Draft of my letter to Boris Johnson concerning my case in Volos

Have been busy drafting various letters concerning my case.

You can read the first part of a draft of my letter to UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, a frequent visitor to Volos for the past three years as it turns out, below.

I believe my appeal for his help in securing justice in my case in Greece is backed by good arguments. But will Johnson respond? Or will he go AWOL like the European Commission?

Dear Boris Johnson,

I am seeking your intervention as UK Foreign Minister in a case concerning a de facto murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities in a monastery in Volos, Greece, in April 2015, and concerning the subsequent cover up by Greece’s government.

As a frequent visitor to the Volos area for the past three years, I am asking you to use your connections in the Volos and Larisa area to ensure a proper inquiry.

Your visits coincide with my arrival at a Volos monastery. They coincide too with my blog posts on a hyped Ebola epidemic.

Global pandemics like Ebola are be important to you, I know. When you were mayor of London, the city of London upgraded its pandemic plans. These focussed on vaccinating the population with experimental vaccines. In fact, London upgraded its pandemic plans in February 2014. This was

just before the start of my blog posts on what I claim was a false flag Ebola epidemic.

You have extensive connections in Greece, according to the media. You met, for example, with former socialist PASOK Evangelos Venizelos at the airport in Thessaloniki when you left Greece last Friday, on August 5th 2016, after your holiday in Volos.

This make  you, I believe, the ideal person to help me secure justice.

Venizelos is a close friend of Grigoris Vallianatos. He is the brother of the culprit Abbess Theodekti. I met Vallianatos at the monastery in person.Theodekti had frequent phone contact with him. Indeed, I have accused Vallianatos of being the person who persuaded Theodekti to misuse her position to silence me.

The de facto murder attempt happened shortly after I wrote a letter to the Chair of the Commons health Committee, Dr Sarah Wollloston, in February 2015, drawing attention to the problems of the Saatchi Bill. Plans to relax regulation were especially problematic taken in conjunction with experimental Ebola vaccines, I argued. Indeed, studies suggest, the Merck vaccine could actually give the population Ebola.

The Saatchi Bill, strongly supported by your Bullingdon Club member and former PM David Cameron, was, in the end, blocked by the Liberal Democrats in March 2015. My email correspondence suggests my information could have played a role.

Immediately, after the Saatchi Bill was blocked, the culprit Theodekti left for Athens for an “spontaneous” and unusually long visit. Indeed, I claim she fine tuned the details of her plot to silence mewith associates, furious that a key piece of their legislation had been thwarted.

Theodekti returned to the Volos monastery just before Easter 2015 and seized her last opportunity just as I was about to leave the monastery to set her trap. Theodekti sent away Theoktisti Emsley to effect her plan. Theoktisti Emsley is a British national and an Oxford graduate. Her safety  as a crucial witness must be of especial concern to you as UK Foreign Minister.

I am sure you will be shocked to hear that an emergency law in Greece allows a person can confined on the basis of statements by just two people. A Greek lawyer familiar with these laws said I would not have come out alive.

Unless some good Samaritan like yourself who frequently visits Volos had chanced to be passing, of course, You might have offered me shelter in the den of a home in Volos, which, local media at least, claim you own. Then I would have been dead after some Bullingdon Club fun! Only joking, Boris! But seriously, the high spirited jinks of the Oxford club expose you to an unsavoury reputation at least in the media. Perhaps you should address that. You could start a Bullingdon Club “charm offensive”.

Shocked as you may be to learn of these events in Volos, an off the radar spot, you have amazingly chosen to holiday in for the past three years, you will be more shocked to learn that the Greek police and state prosecutors have suppressed police statements and other evidence.

Worse, they have set me up for a lethal penalty under the pretext of putting Theodekti and her accomplice on trial in November.


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