The hacking of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation marks the endgame for the New World Order Globalists.

The Globalists have suffered many defeats lately. There has been Brexit. In addition, the Globalists failed to steal the Austrian presidential election; they failed to keep the country’s borders open to their engineered Islamic migrant invasion. Another setback is the massive opposition in Florida to the release of GM mosquitoes to fight Zika. Also, Vladimir Putin is reported to be considering switching the Russian central bank over from the private creation of money to sovereign money. Now, there are plans being floated by the Bank of Japan to cancel the government’s massive debt in a move like the Chicago Plan revisited.

For sure, we’re in a rapidly changing environment. In fact, we’re moving into totally new territory, shaped by a new media, a new transparency. It’s too early to tell what will prove to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight against the New World Order.

But the leaking of Soros’ email and the dump of hacked Open Society Foundation documents on DC Leaks may end up being seen through the lens of history as the trumpet call announcing the endgame for the Globalists.

While information has always been an important part of any conflict, information dominance in the public sphere paired with secrecy in the private sphere have been the special weapon of the small cabal of banking families at the core of the New World Order agenda.

They have invested enormous resources into controlling the media and public opinion, and continue to do so as the OSF hack shows.

The media has functioned as a smoke and mirrors distraction to the Globalist plans and to their very existence. Their trick has been to orchestrate the control of the media and their implementation of their plans for one world government from the shadows, without becoming a target themselves, or even known to the world. Their total off media secrecy is their best defence.

The significance of the Soros hack is that the secrecy has now fallen. Soros himself has come into the spotlight. He has become a target.

The hack is the equivalent of the scene in the film Where Eagles Dare when Clint Eastwood, dropped behind Nazi lines, lying on a ridge in the snow, trains his binoculars on a chain of mountains, and, finally, picks out the dull stone walls of a castle, which is a Nazi HQ. The target has been sighted.

The key to winning a conflict is the ability to see things, to see who the enemy is, to be able to identify them, name them. The new media have acted like those same binoculars through which the globe can look at Public Enemy Number 1, as Infowars recently called Soros.

The concept is crystallizing in the global public consciousness that Soros is a problem for all of us. Not the Russians, the Chinese, the Communists. No, Soros and a small number of banking families and their associates, and who are pursing a one world government, a Globalist New World Order, also in Russia, China, are the enemy of the 99.99 percent of humankind.

The world’s best known Globalist has finally come into focus, magnified by the power of the new media lenses, and the firewalls protecting the inner operations of his organization, the OSF have been breached.

Once the target and enemy is seen, the next phase of the operation to thwart their attack can begin. Clint Eastwood’s binoculars glide down from the massive walls over the icy ridges, crevices and cliffs to the fortress’s cable car station.

Ignoring the intense contrasting effects of the slopes covered in snow and the slopes covered in forest, the binoculars find a cable car moving up towards the castle.
The target has not only been be seen. A way of breaching the castle’s impenetrable walls has been identified, a way of getting into labyrinth of corridors, doors, gates, staircases, hallways, and halls with stone fireplaces where the enemy plot their operations.

The OSF hack of 2,500 documents gives us a glimpse into the labyrinth, the plethora of mechanisms and methods that Soros and Globalists use to achieve their goals.

The hack, in fact, confirms every conspiracy theory. The OSF turns out to be a facade for a vast private intelligence agency aggressively pursuing the goals of influencing government policy and public opinion to amass wealth.

In fact, the OSF most closely resembles the SPECTRE or QUANTUM organization featured in the James Bond as Wayne Madsen noted.

Funded by the vast sums provided by their control of fractional reserve banking system control, the OSF’s staff are engaged in a very well organized programme to collect very specific detailed information across the globe to influence policy  decisions and public opinion on a vast scale. All this information goes up to the hierarchy to the centre of power, to George Soros, who uses it to obtain more power, more power over government policies, more power to shape public opinion, more power over opponents, more power to destablize countries, grab resources and wealth.

It turns out Soros is 

-plotting the engineered radical Islamic migrant invasion 

-influencing the Supreme Court to promote illegal migration

-funds extreme groups like Black Lives Matter to ignite racist violence

-funds Communist groups to promote a divide and rule agenda

-exercises enormous control over Ukraine rules it through the US Ambassador

-has created vast media networks in the Ukraine to propagate his narrative to engineer a confrontation with Russia

-funds Ukrainian journalists admitting they are engaged in propaganda

-seeks to influence Greek media to propagate his Ukraine narrative

-gathers information on opponents to his agenda.

The OSF just a small part of the Soros’ operation.

From an email just leaked on Wikileaks, we also know that Soros directly instructed Hilary Clinton on how to handle Albanian unrest over voter fraud.

This should be a front page the Washington Post. If the Washington Post were fulfilling its function, it would be digging into the influence of Soros and other Clinton donors, investigating the ramifications of 33,000 emails Clinton deleted, her perjury to congress, her misuse of influence to close an FBI investigation into her private email server.

In fact, the story has been largely buried by the mainstream media.  The Washington Post is now owned by Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, who is one of the very Globalists who benefits from his capacity to make government policy through donations to the likes of Clinton bypassing scrutiny from the democratically elected bodies and the public.

Wayne Madsen has compiled a chart of favours given by Clinton in return for donations.

This blog has documented the links of Soros and other members of the Billionaire Club to players in the hyped Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014, though Bill Gates played an especially prominent role.

Soros also has his hedge funds, which he uses to speculate against currencies, banks like Deutsche B, to destroy the wealth of others, to enrich his own.

As the Globalists emerge into the spotlight, as they step up their attacks, aggressively flooding Europe and the USA with migrants infiltrated by Isis terrorists,, we can expect them to launch a last desperate bid to cling onto power such as Night of the Long Knives terror attacks, engineered racial tension, the escalation of the confrontation with Russia, martial law in Germany and Europe.

But the fact is Soros is no longer in the shadows, but a target out in the open, known as the orchestrator of it all. His method is out in the open. That changes the entire dynamic of the fight between the global population and the New World Order. The information dominance and power has flowed to the pole opposing the Globalists.

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