Hacked document shows George Soros tried to buy Dutch EU-Ukraine referendum

Another leaked document from the Open Society Foundations shows the group trying to subvert the results of the Dutch EU-Ukraine referendum donating over 300,000 euros.

From Breitbart

The leaked documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations have once again revealed another attempt by the left-wing billionaire to influence the politics and voting of a European country. According to a memo sent to Mr. Soros himself from the Open Society European Policy Insitute (OSIFE) in January of this year the group was to commit to the YES campaign of the now failed referendum on potential Ukraine membership into the European Union through an association agreement.

The memo which briefs Mr. Soros on the situation before he was to meet with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, lays out the plan for the foundation to fund the yes campaign to win. Soros let the Prime Minister know that the OSIFE would “lend its support for a strong YES campaign and invest substantial resources. ” the memo states that securing a Yes vote in the referendum was crucial and noted that at least 300,000 euros would be allocated toward getting a YES result.

Another leaked document puts into details the way that the foundation would use the money to garner sympathy for Ukrainians in the Netherlands ahead of the vote. Much like the campaign to boost the image of Somali migrants that Breitbart London revealed earlier this week, the document attempts to use media coverage to highlight Ukrainians in the Netherlands.

The plan for the campaign is split up into an informative angle and an appeal to the emotions of the Dutch voter. In one of the stranger claims of the document the foundation states that “Ukrainian children involved in the campaign look very much like their Dutch counterparts (lightcoloured hair, freckles, etc) that eliminates perceived differences between the two nations.”


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