My email to the US embassy in Greece about Ambassador Pyatt and George Soros

Read the email I just sent to the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US embassy in Athens asking her to ensure that any meetings between George Soros and Geoffrey Pyatt, the new Ambassador to Greece, are transparent and reported to the public.

I also express my concerns that Soros, through Pyatt, may try to pervert the course of justice in my case by influencing the Supreme Court prosecutors. My grounds are all too reasonable as readers of this blog will know.

Screenshot of the first part of my email…

Pyatt 1

Text of the main part of the email below…

While every ambassador has a right to be discreet in certain cases where the national interest is at stake, meetings with Billionaires and corporate interests to formulate US policy are not such a case. Such meetings, especially secret ones, expose Pyatt to the charge of conflict of interest and even corruption, as you must understand.

I would respectfully like to suggest that if Ambassador Pyatt wishes to work for Soros, he should go ahead and do so. Nothing is stopping him from resigning from his position as a US government official, and joining a Soros NGO. The public cannot understand a US official paid by tax dollars who acts as a private employee of a Billionaire.

In the case of Ambassador Pyatt, especial vigilance is, I believe, required in how he uses state department funds. In the Ukraine, Pyatt was probed for his role in covertly channelling millions to the prosecutors office apparently to promote rivals in order to unseat the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin under the pretext of fighting corruption.

Again, any change of personnel at any prosecutor’s office should be done in a transparent way so that the public can be sure that there is a real, factual, professional basis or failing for removing a prosecutor. Prosecutors should not be removed on behalf of Billionaires to ease their corporate take over of a country.

I am asking you to ensure there is no repeat of any covert attempt to bribe prosecutors, here, in Greece using state department funds or influence for a special reason.

I am a journalist currently in Greece, who is seeking justice in a de facto murder attempt made against me, and I have very convincing evidence that Soros is behind it and also the cover up, also in the form of proof that Soros copies and mirrored a report from my blog opposing open borders. This evidence is also in the possession of the Supreme Court.

Please see an email below I wrote to the President of the Supreme Court Vasiliki Thanou yesterday.

Let me be frank. The information exposed in the recent hacks has made me concerned that Soros, through Pyatt, may attempt to crush justice not only in my case and silence me, a journalist criticial of his activities, and of the activities of his associate in Greece Alexis Tsipras, but other investigations or trials, for example, the upcoming criminal trial of statistician Andreas Georgiou whose actions favoured private bankers and speculators like Soros.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that according to hacked documents, Soros has given more than $30 million to groups working for Hillary Clinton’s election in November, making him her largest single donor even as Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are embroiled in a cash for favours scandal.

Soros sent an email to Clinton’s private email, which she used a secretary of state, giving instructions to her on how to handle unrest in Albania. Again, the US and Greek public only found out about this email through a leak when they have the right to know whether foreign policy is set by democratically elected bodies or by special interests like Soros.

To sum up, I would like you to make it a priority to put transparency, integrity and US foreign policy interests at the core of your working relationship with Ambassador Pyatt, and I would like you to take steps to ensure that Ambassador Pyatt adheres to the same professional standards at all times.

Screenshot of the last part of my email….

Pyat 4.png



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